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Where to drink in London

*PLUS* A potted history of Hoxton Spirits

Hi! If we already know you (gladly) then feel free to skip to the second part of this article (where to drink Hoxton spirits: London – Part I) or read on, we may surprise you with some bits we haven’t had the chance to share with you yet – Okay, I’ll promise at least one.

If we’re not on first names yet (sadly), then dive into this little ‘hello from Hoxton’ moment and find out who/what Hoxton Spirits is, why we’re here and you’re reading this, followed by the best bit… where you can drink our natural ingredient heavy, full fruit flavour laden, gin, whisky, rum and amaro.

P.S. New friend or old… you’re here now and we f@cking love that.

A little history of Hoxton!

We’re unsure of the precise moment we were conceived (one evening in the late noughties, sure) but I can’t offer you an exact date – besides, that stuff should be private. We were born out of a moment however, a minute in time, a realisation. A realisation that, despite Gerry Calabrese (our founder) standing behind the bar that evening of The Hoxton Pony – the best-stocked gin establishment in the country at the time (a collection he curated), he realised, something was missing.

Sure, there was an abundance of superb gins, some you’ll know well, others, more niche and fitted to the craft movement – but nonetheless, something was amiss. They all had lots in common, they all made great gin and tonics, each uniquely celebrating and championing our beloved juniper berry, but really, when Gerry looked at them under the bright, white light of the back bar… which of them could really make a drink that would stand out? Which of them could offer the group of women making their way over to the bar something… different? He realised at that moment… None of them.

Breaking the spirit mould…

Hoxton Breaking The Mould

We/you/the women in that moment, needed MORE. More choice and more importantly, more flavour. So, Hoxton flavoured Gin was born. One could argue that it was bigger than that and actually the birth of the popularised flavoured spirits category itself (ssshhh). I’m just saying that we struggled to find a flavoured spirit on the back bar before this. Get in touch if you can disprove this…

At its conception, Hoxton Gin was originally intended purely for distribution within The Pony, offering a unique, flavoured gin serve that you couldn’t find elsewhere. Something to delight customers and break the mould of what was conventional.

The flavoured gin itself, while set out to defy all gin convention and mess with things a bit, it remains somewhat true to and respectful of its parent category, ensuring that juniper retains 60% of the total fruit bill and stands as the lead botanical. What’s different is how it blends seamlessly with the not seen before additions of natural coconut and natural grapefruit (amongst some other key, real fruit ingredients). Infusing natural fruits as the lead flavour outside of juniper had never been done before.

“You can’t put coconut in gin” – wrong.

Of course, like with anything original, bold, and let’s say it… ground-breaking, there were sceptics, “Don’t mess with gin”, “What are you doing?” “Coconut and grapefruit, with juniper?? – Are you mad?” – but while there were the few, there were also the many. And the Many loved it.

Hoxton Original Gin and its demand outgrew its single-house residency and was quickly put into full production in 2013. Fast forward a further eleven years and Hoxton Spirits now distil a range of six premium, naturally flavoured (with real fruit) spirits offering a unique taste experience across multiple spirit categories, including gin, rum, and whisky. There is, of course, more to come. Watch this space…

Our Range of Six Premium Flavoured Spirits

Five facts that may surprise you about Hoxton Spirits

Let’s dive into a few things about us, that you might not know!

1) Hoxton Spirits is on the journey to be the first spirits business to have a legitimate offering across every spirits category – no one has done this yet.

2) Hoxton Spirits is made with only real fruit & natural botanicals – we don’t use any synthetic flavouring or nasties. The best flavour is real flavour!

3) We are spirit geeks and use a variety of different processes which include macerating our ingredients for up to five weeks and only ever distilling in 150-year-old copper pot stills, to obtain the ultrasmooth and unique, beautiful spirits.

4) We’re a lifestyle brand FIRST – we just happen to be good at making spirits too. Yes, the gin came first originally, but we’ve grown up. Now we live for connecting our community, creating unforgettable moments, experiences and bonds which will live long in the memory and outlast even the finest and generous Gin and tonic pour.

5) We’ve got spirits heritage and tradition deep in our blood. Our founder, Gerry Calabrese, an absolute pioneer in the East London nightlife scene for the last 25 years is the son of the world-renowned, cocktail extraordinaire, Salvatore ‘The Maestro” Calabrese.

Now… onto the good stuff…

Five of the Best Places to Drink Hoxton’s Flavoured Spirits in London…

Here are some of the best bars and restaurants in London where you can enjoy a drink or two of Hoxton Spirits

Good things always begin at home, and for us, London is our home. We grew up in this city and it has been our playground for over a decade. We have had a lot of fun here and have made many friends along the way, from sophisticated to the wild & wonderful. We love creating moments and we’re pretty sure that good things should always be shared. That’s why we want to welcome you into our social circle, to where we hang out, by introducing you to some of the characters that also inhabit the Big Smoke with us.

So, if you ever find yourself asking, “Where can I drink Hoxton Spirits in London?”, then this is the perfect article for you. We hope to see you soon at the bar!

Here we go then…

1) Boundary London (our local)

The Boundary Project East London

Where is it?

Shoreditch –  2-4 Boundary St, London E2 7DD (EAST LONDON)

The place to go for:

Our closest neighbour. Situated just a stone-throwable 160 yards from our HQ (please don’t throw stones) … this stylish, sophisticated venue, offering stunning rooftop views of the Capital’s skyline is quite literally on our doorstep.

It’s an elegant affair with contemporary decor, perhaps a little unexpected and against the grain of Shoreditch’s typical eclectic vibe, but there’s room here for it and quite frankly, we love it. A real Hox-spot.

What can I drink during my visit?

You’ll find the full Hoxton range on offer here, so you’ll be able to sample each of our signature serves along with exploring the vibrant delights of an extended and refreshing cocktail menu, offering concoctions which celebrate the natural flavour expression of our spirits.

Of course – you can also come in here and grab a beer, a wine or simply a bite to eat. As for the food? It’s grand. This is a staple choice for when our team break bread together.

Hoxton stocked:

Banana Rum, Dry Gin, London Spritz, Pink Gin, Spiced Whisky, Tropical Gin.

Don’t miss this…

Hoxton London Spritz with Prosecco – a refreshing and bountiful showcase of summer fruits, reimagining the classic spritz experience. 

Camden Lock Tavern (it’s Camden… it’s always fun)
Camden Lock Tavern

Where is it?

Camden, 35 Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8AJ

The place to go for:

What is it with Hoxton and rooftop bars? We’ve got another one for you here. Located in the forever cool, bustling, and iconic borough of Camden, the Lock Tavern is beyond an institution. Rich in history and deeply prominent during the surgent noughties’ nightlife scene, this venue has played host to a plethora of international talent including Franz Ferdinand, Run the Jewels & Tame Impala.

Classically decorated, you realise you’re stepping into a proper pub the second you step through the door and your soles connect with what looks like a very fine piece of oak flooring. The wood continues the bar, the walls, it’s everywhere. Proper Vintage. 

“Can I please order a…”

The menu is extensive but there’s one product which stands out on the back bar, and that’s our Tropical Gin. Ask the bartender for a Hoxton Tropical with either ginger ale or a good tonic and you’ll be well rewarded while you kick back and soak in the vintage, lively atmosphere. A proper pub this one.

Alongside Hoxton, you’ll find a decent selection of beers & wines across multiple bars/levels. A ‘proper pub’ isn’t a proper pub without some pub grub, and they’ve got that a-plenty.

Don’t miss this…

If we give one piece of solid advice in this blog, it’s to keep an eye out for the Hoxton Gina Colada slushy (to be honest, you can’t really miss it as you walk through the double doors). Our what?? – Putting a spin on the traditional Pina Colada by swapping out the rum in favour of our coconut & grapefruit zipped, Tropical Gin, the Hoxton Gina Colada slushy is icy (obviously), fruity, and super refreshing. “A frozen cocktail extravaganza”.  You can’t miss them at the bar. Oh and don’t wait for Summer either, they’re fire all year round!

Hoxton stocked:

Tropical Gin + Slushy machine.


Ten Bells (Jack the Ripper)

Ten Bells Spitalfields - Jack The Ripper

Where is it?

Spitalfields. 84 Commercial St, London E1 6LY

The place to go for:

One for the history heads. Labelled as the “Historic East End Boozer” because that is exactly what it is. Sitting pretty at 400 years old after first opening its doors around the time King Charles I was on the throne and Shakespeare had just finished making his name in the Globe Theatre, this classic, anecdotal pub is a foundation in London’s East End.

Fast-forward 200 years and the building attracted what would have no doubt been unwanted notoriety at the time, if not the case today. The building is mysteriously connected to multiple crimes committed by the infamous 19th-century murderer, Jack the Ripper, with several of his victims considered ‘regulars’ of the drinking hole at the time. Before its more modern title of ‘The Ten Bells’, during the 1970’s it was in fact named, ‘Jack the Ripper’ in a clear nod to its distinct heritage. 

What’s really cool is that despite the exterior undergoing various renovations, when you walk in you’re immediately transported back to Victorian, East London. The interior remains largely unchanged despite such a significant passing of time! Intrigue piqued? I’m sure the staff will tell you the tale over a gin and tonic! Go, check it out… there’s new history to be made!

What to drink on the day:

Hoxton Tropical Gin + Ginger Ale (make sure to ask for a wedge of citrus fruit!)

Hoxton stocked:

Tropical Gin

Otherworld – VR experience

Otherworld Hackney London VR

Where is it?

Hackney, 336 Acton Mews, London, E8 4EA

The place to go for:

We’ll forgive you for thinking you’ve walked on to the set of a 1980’s sci-fi horror, but this is in-fact real! (well… sort of…). One for the great escapers, the visually stimulated and technologically driven. Sometimes a drink is enough to escape the realms of reality for a few minutes, but just sometimes, we crave a little more. Sometimes, seeing is believing. Otherworld offers its customers an immersive virtual reality headset experience, transporting you to the deeper far corners of the metaverse and beyond.

But there’s far more to this quirky, cutting-edge environment than its proprietary 4D immersion rooms – it boasts a superbly stocked bar offering you a vast array of beers, spirits (this is where we come in!) soft drinks, wine & cocktails – and of course, mocktails.

If you enjoy sipping a G&T, maybe two, and revelling in the dulcet tones of David Attenborough (just one of the many digital experiences on offer!) but sitting in at home doesn’t quite do it for you… this one is for you.

What Hoxton Can I drink here?

The full Hoxton showcase! Banana Rum, Dry Gin, London Spritz, Pink Gin, Spiced Whisky & Tropical Gin

Q Shoreditch

Q Bar Shoreditch

Where is it?

55-61 Tabernacle St, London EC2A 4AA (EAST LONDON)

The place to go for:

Another local neighbour of ours and forever welcoming hosts, we introduce you to Q Bar in Shoreditch. Located a few strides from Old Street Station this seek, stylish venue with a savouring modern ambience effortlessly blends industrial chic with cosy elegance – and if we’re honest… it’s the home to one of the most peculiar yet must-see pieces of room art we’ve ever seen decorate a bar (check the picture above). We’ll let you find out for yourself the meaning behind it!

If you’re wondering why, it’s called Q Bar… there are a few clues inside… is it a homage to the late, Steve McQueen? You’d be forgiven for thinking so when you study the décor, or is it the abundance of professional, luxury pool tables (cue…) the venue has to offer. We think maybe both, but we’ll leave it up to you. Either way, if you’re a pool nut and you happen to enjoy pairing it with fine cocktail mixology, a decent bite to eat and contemporary East London cool… this is your bar.

What should I order? 

Well… we’re here too! You’ll find both our Caribbean-inspired Banana Rum and our category-disrupting Spiced Whisky well stocked behind the bar with simple spirit and mixer serves and cocktail opportunities for both – just ask at the bar!

Hoxton Stocked:

Banana Rum, Spiced Whisky

So there we have it! A little insight into where we’ve come from and how you can best enjoy drinking our flavoured spirits at some of our favourite locations across the capital. There are of course many more! Keep your eyes peeled for our next five.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about us, you can email us at


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