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banana flavoured rum

our bananas macerate

for five weeks

Hoxton Banana Rum

3 rum blend | 40% ABV | 70cl

Banana Rum

To create Hoxton Banana Rum, we throw in both fresh and dried (we’re hooked on flavour) bananas into our blend of three rums and let them macerate for FIVE weeks. This creates an aroma and flavour that’s deep, tantilising and long-lasting. This one’s a real hit with… well everyone.

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unleash the inner cockney pirate

We set sail to create a banana rum which you can sip neat, mix in a dacquiri or smash into a punch without it being overwhelming, while tasting smooth, natural and plentiful.

flavour profile



A Slightly sweet and distinctive fruity flavour



Floral undertones; mellow and aromatic

Banoffee Pie Flavour

banoffee pie

Deep, rich... caramel and more bananas

Hoxton Banana Rum With Ginger Ale

double fruit maceration

Our banana rum is a blend of three premium rums from Barbados, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. There is a double maceration process; first with fresh & dried bananas (5 weeks) and then an additional fresh only maceration for 3-5 days.

serving suggestion

Hoxton Banana Rum & Ginger Beer (as pictured).

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