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tropical flavoured gin

Coconut & Grapefruit - Original Recipe

flavoured gin

original recipe | with coconut & grapefruit

Hoxton Tropical Gin - Original Recipe







Hoxton Tropical Gin - Original Recipe

original recipe gin | 40% ABV | 70cl

Tropical Gin

Hoxton Tropical is a flagship, flavoured gin which breaks the chains of your conventional juniper tipple. Big on coconut and balanced with grapefruit, the golden soul of Hoxton Spirits offers you and your guests ‘that something a little bit special’.

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Only real fruit makes it into Hoxton Tropical Gin.

Our original recipe, which remains unchanged for over a decade, delights tastebuds with a carefully curated blend of ingredients: you’ll really taste these:

Natural Coconut


Fruity, milky, sweet with slight notes of melted butter, green and wood

Natural grapefruit


Sweet, citrusy with a crisp bitterness. An assertive ingredient

Natural ginger


Strong piney character with citrus notes. The true gin hero.

ginger, tarragon, orris root

Hoxton Tropical Gin Serve

why drink hoxton tropical?

We can't claim it for sure but we're pretty confident this little gin curated in East London changed the game back in 2012. A disruptor in it's early days but a main stage headliner ten years later. It splits opinion, like yeast extract, but we like that.

serving suggestion

Hoxton Tropical Gin with Ginger Ale, or our popular Ginacolada.

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