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distilled to disrupt

Seven times spice macerated scotch whisky

distilled to disrupt

Seven times spice macerated scotch whisky








Hoxton Spiced Whisky 70cl

LIMITED BATCH | 40% ABV | 70cl

Spiced Whisky

Born to disrupt. Hoxton Spiced Whisky is distilled using a blend of fine scotch whiskies that’ll put a smile on the face of any aficionado. There are those however who will falter at the spice. We’ll admit, it’s out there… but fortune favours the bold.

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that's a spicy scotch

Our Spiced Whisky’s recipe contains more botanicals than you may be used to in a whisky. It’s creative process demands seven seperate macerations over six weeks prior to the traditional whisky part of the distilling process that you may be familiar with.



Soft, sweet and super juicy. Slightly tangy



Floral undertones; mellow and aromatic

natural orange

natural orange

Sweet, citrusy and tart-like in taste. Brings acidity



Sweet, a little earthy, woody and spicy flavours

Anise, Cocoa, Nutmug

spiced to perfection

This whisky has been designed to break the mould while staying true to the spirit of the whisky category. The combination of our hand picked blended whiskies and complex spice detail create a tasting experience you won't find anywhere else. This whisky will surprise you.

serving suggestion

Straight (as pictured) or with cola.

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