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Hoxton has for a long time, been the creative centre of London. It’s the central link that unifies the infamously colourful Shoreditch, the racy streets of Dalston and the bohemian melting pot of Hackney.

In Hoxton, artists mix seamlessly with fashion designers and entrepreneurs, sharing ideas, setting trends and influencing the way we live our lives.

This is where street art goes from doorways and alleys to the auction house, where platinum albums are recorded in small studios. There’s a buzz in the air which feels as if any minute something totally new and original might happen. Actually, knowing Hoxton… it probably will.

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Hoxton spirits is not just Hoxton in name, it embodies the spirit of the cultural powerhouse that is this pocket of east London.

Since 2012 we have combined the aforementioned flair of East London with only the finest botanical ingredients to create flavours and experiences (and not just in what you taste!) across the entirety of our product range with the pure intention to delight, inspire and invigorate. 

Far beyond just another drinks company selling flavoured gin and tropical rums – although we’re told ours do taste great. We’re here to aid your creativity, to push your boundaries and if we’re honest… to help you party. 

Whether it’s flavoured gin, pink gin or tropical rum (by the way, who’s bananas macerate in spirits for five weeks!), it’s part of a fine tuned recipe designed to be celebrated wherever you are; from the comfort of your living room, amidst the sunrays of your garden, at one of our parties! or in the hazy summer festival fields where all of us really come alive.

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Gerry Calabrese

Gerry Calabrese

Hoxton Founder & Drinks Maverick

Hoxton Founder & Drinks Maverick


“On my mother’s side, there are generations of Eastenders. My family has watched Hoxton change and evolve over the years and I have been an active participant in that change for most of the last two decades, having spent the last 17 years working in and opening cocktail bars, restaurants and night clubs within the area.

London’s east end, in my view is a microcosm for everything that is great about London, its diversity,  eccentricity, showmanship and creativity. Some of the best culinary outlets and “watering-holes” London has to offer now exist in the east end and are at the very cutting edge of UK hospitality. It is in this unique environment the idea for Hoxton Spirits was born. It has become my life’s passion, to bottle the ‘spirit’ of this area of London that I love and call my home.

Quality is key to me when creating a Hoxton product so we only ever use ethically sourced ingredients throughout our entire range and select only the finest alcohol at the core of the products we create. I am fanatical about the detail and spend months developing each recipe. We use a variety of different processes across our collection of products to create beautifully unique spirits.

My aim is to take the drinker on a journey with exciting ingredients, of unexpected flavours and distinctive blends. I like to think you can taste the love and dedication in each bottle”.

- Gerry Calabrese