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we are hoxton spirits.

the spirit of east london

East London is in our DNA.

Hoxton has for a long time, been the creative centre of London. It’s the central link that unifies the infamously colourful Shoreditch, the racy streets of Dalston and the bohemian melting pot of Hackney. In Hoxton, artists mix seamlessly with fashion designers and entrepreneurs, sharing ideas, setting trends and influencing the way we live our lives. We set out to bottle that unique East London energy, challenge the traditional spirit mould whilst providing you with a premium drinking experience.

bold people.
bold flavours.

We have always been focused on flavour, regardless of the category, the liquid has to stand up on its own. Hoxton redefines complex mixology, launching premium flavours designed to simplify the cocktail process, encouraging you to be a legendary mixologist.

Hoxton Spirits stands for those who are free spirited, with a passion to write their own story and challenge their own drinking experiences.

We invite you to be bold and challenge your own perceprions of what you like to drink. We’re pretty confident there’s a Hoxton for you.


breaking convention.



Gerry Calabrese, founder and CEO of Hoxton Spirits, spent over two decades working in bars, winning competitions, and then launched his own cocktail bars, restaurants and nightclubs in and around East London. After launching his own bars he realised that, despite stocking the most extensive range of gins in the UK, there was still room for a new gin for a younger, edgier clientele, and so Hoxton Tropical Gin was born. Gerry set out to break the mould in the spirits world and capture the flair of East London based on flavour profile, brand and drinking experience.

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