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Hoxton Tropical Gin with Ginger Ale

tropical gin

Our flagship spirit. We dare you to find a flavoured gin which came before it.

Key Taste: Coconut & Grapefruit

How we like it:

– 50ml Tropical Gin
– Ginger Ale
– Grapefruit or Orange Slice

Pink Gin Lemon Serve

pink gin

Forget about sweet, let’s focus on floral. A delightfully unique pink gin.

Key Taste: Rosehip & Gunpowder Tea

How we like it:

– 50ml Pink Gin
– Tonic
– Orange Slice

Hoxton Dry Gin Serve

dry gin

Our Tropical gin recipe without the coconut. For those who favour the traditional.

Key Taste: Juniper & Grapefruit

How we like it:

– 50ml Dry Gin
– Tonic
– Lemon Slice

Hoxton London Spritz Serve

london spritz

“The most sippable Spritz I’ve tried” – We’ll take that. It’s true too.

Key Taste: Blackberry, Cherry & Raspberry

How we like it:

– 50ml London Spritz
– Prosecco
– Lemon & Orange Slice

Hoxton Spiced Whisky Serve

spiced whisky

A blended scotch, born to disrupt. Easy to sip but devilish with cola. 

Key Taste: Vanilla, Raisin, Orange, Cinnamon

How we like it:

– 50ml Spiced Whisky
– Cola (or straight!)
– Lemon Slice

Hoxton Banana Rum & Ginger Beer

banana rum

Natural banana is truly a dream when paired with ginger beer. Trust.

Key Taste: Banana

How we like it:

– 50ml Banana Rum
– Ginger Beer
– Grapefruit or Orange Slice


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